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Sponsorship Information

TX CUREN depends on its Affiliate Members' support for successful programs throughout the year. We have four general meetings yearly, with agendas typically lasting from 9 am-3 pm. TX CUREN provides breakfast snacks, coffee, and a delicious lunch! We also have door prizes to keep everyone on their toes during the day. Often, we also pay speakers to attend. This can get expensive, so we ask our Affiliate Members to help defray the cost. We are very appreciative of our affiliates' support each year!

Sponsorship FAQs

How do I become a sponsor or donate a door prize?

If you want to sponsor a meeting or donate a prize, please contact Angela Bujnoch or a Board Member.

What are the requirements to be a sponsor?

Sponsors must be current Affiliate Members.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

A sponsorship costs $415 via credit card.

How many sponsors are typical for each meeting, and how many meetings can I sponsor?

We typically have four sponsors per meeting. We try to allow all of our affiliates an opportunity to sponsor a meeting. However, if we have openings throughout the year, we will create opportunities for affiliates to sponsor multiple meetings.

What are the benefits of sponsorship?

Each meeting sponsor is given 10 minutes to introduce themselves and discuss their products and services. Sponsors also receive a contact list of everyone who attended that meeting and are included in social media posts.

How can I support TX CUREN outside of sponsorship?

Door prize donations! Sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you miss a sponsorship spot this year, please donate door prizes. Door prizes typically range between $25-$50 in value. Common examples include restaurant gift cards, wine baskets, Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, etc. You can include a business card and other promotional items with a door prize.

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