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Our Story

Founded in 1999, the Texas CUREN is a member organization of Credit Union lending professionals working directly in the area of real estate. The Texas CUREN represents local and regional members involved in the real estate finance industry including Credit Union affiliates.

Business Team

Our Credit Union Members

University Federal Credit Union

First Commnity Credit Union

Texoma Community Credit Union

United Heritage Credit Union

Credit Human Federal Credit Union

Security Services Federal Credit Union


Smart Credit Union

A Member Owned Cooperative Organization FCU

Texas Association of Professionals FCU

NavyArmy Community Credit Union

Texas Employees Credit Union

Metro Medical Credit Union

City Credit Union

Mobility Credit Union

Shell Federal Credit Union

Resource One Credit Union

First Central Credit Union

Randolph Brooks Federal Credit Union

First Community Credit Union

American Airlines Credit Union

Fort Worth Community Credit Union

Resource One Credit Union

Border Federal Credit Union

Raiz Federal Credit Union

Texell Creidt Union

A+ Federal Credit Union

First Mark Credit Union

Education First FCU

Americas Credit Union

United Texas Credit Union

Denton Area Teachers Credit Union

5 Point Credit Union

Texas Trust Credit Union

Velocity Credit Union


Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

Educational Employees Credit Union

Credit Union of Texas

Denton- Area Teachers Credit Union

Border Federal Credit Union

Firstlight Federal Credit Union

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The mission of CUREN is to develop, educate, promote and provide a professional support system.

Our Affiliate Members

ESSENT Mortgage Insurance

ARCH Mortgage Insurance

Appraisal MC

Baird LawBlack, Mann & graham L.L.P.

CBC Innovis


CU Realty

Enact Mortgage Insurance

Guild Mortgage

Independent Appraisal Management

Member First Mortgage

MeridianLink Mortgage

MGIC Mortgage Insurance

New Vista Solutions

Patten Title Company

Polunsky Beitel & Green, LLP

Property Science

Robertson, Anschutz, Vetters LLC

Ruth Ruhl P.C.

Spillane Consulting Associates Inc

SWBC Lending Solutions

The Appraisal Connection, INC

Vantage Point Title

TrUnion Appraisal Services

Frequently Asked Questions

More Details

What are the benefits of joining the CUREN?

Attending members gain education on current and new real estate trends in areas of loan programs, regulations, proposed legislation, latest services from the three GSE’s (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Home Loan Bank), latest software, vendors that work well with credit union, etc. Also, the CUREN meetings offer a great opportunity to network with other credit union professionals.

Who is eligible for Membership?

Any credit union that shares the network’s interest in residential real estate finance. Mortgage and Credit Union friendly affiliates are also welcome.

How can I become a sponsor?

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